Get to know us

Finding the right editor is more complex than picking a résumé or CV from a pile. You should feel confident you’ve selected an editor who can be your manuscript’s best friend.

Who we are

We’re a small but dedicated team with combined professional editing experience in nearly every genre. First and foremost, of course, we’re book lovers—and our clients’ biggest fans.

RUFF! is comprised of passionate publishing professionals with diverse experience in the book world and solid industry know-how that goes far beyond grammar.

We boast a proven backlist that includes USA Today bestsellers with five-star average ratings at retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble and review sites like BookBub and Goodreads.

We are an investment in your future. With our values, qualifications, competitive pricing, and transparency, we’re determined to ensure this investment pays off in spades.

We also have a cute dog.

Our mission

We strive to make every single manuscript the best it can be. That’s what RUFF! is all about—being your manuscript’s best friend. We’re here to make great art even greater and to support writers like you so they can keep creating brilliant books. Books change lives, and we’re here to polish yours and give it the best chance possible for a smashing release. We help you make make your mark on the world with your own signature style.

Our vibe

We love books. And authors. Not everyone gets to do what they love every day, but we do—and we never stop being grateful for the work entrusted to us. We infuse the editing process with joy and a healthy sense of humor without ever losing the professionalism you need in a business partner.

Our values

Punctuality. No author should miss a release deadline because of a slowpoke editor.

Professionalism. We’re fun, but we never skimp on quality or image. It’ll be your name on that cover, and we’re here to ensure your legacy overflows with the pride of knowing you published nothing less than your absolute best.

Honest communication. What makes a good editor great, and a great writer even greater, is a true, trusting, long-term partnership. Trust starts with our vow never to spring surprises on you… ever.

Constructive criticism. As a writer, you need to embrace your strengths, identify the certain je ne sais quoi that makes your words sing, and solidify your elusive voice. At RUFF!, we highlight spectacular passages in your manuscript so you can keep developing your career with intention, confidence, and purpose.

Encouragement. The truth does not have to be unkind. We’re ruthless to typos, but our real value is how passionately and kindly we encourage and uplift the writers who choose to work with us.

Respect. We promise to polish, not demolish your work. A good editor’s hand is invisible. We exist to make you shine.

How we work

We RUFFians don’t just fixate on how your manuscript could improve. We show you where you excel as a writer. We help you identify your strengths, find your creative voice, and articulate what makes your books stand out.

A good editor doesn’t ask you to change. As a writer, you deserve to show off your very best. Your success is our success. We have no interest in making your books identical to other bestsellers cramming the storefronts of big box bookstores or featured on online retailers’ homepages. We want your book, with your unique voice, style, and tone, to become a bestseller in its own right.

Punctuality and professionalism

Clear communication, no surprises

Encouraging feedback without sugarcoating

Absolute respect for your writing style

The RUFFians

Let’s get down to kibbles. Check out the wide range of professional editing and publishing experience our team brings to the table.


The editors at RUFF! are trained in all three types of editing: proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing. This means you’ll work with the same person through multiple edits of your work. You don’t have to explain yourself, your book, or your vision and goals to multiple people, you won’t have to deal with multiple negotiations or excessive paperwork. Most importantly, you won’t ever pay for two or more types of editing only to have to decide between conflicting advice.


Featured in Reedsy


Jessie Campbell

Editor in Chief

  • Founder of RUFF!
  • Current production editor at BookBub and Chirp
  • Former editor for Fire Quill Publishing, developmental editing and copyediting contemporary romance, paranormal, and young adult titles that go on to be bestsellers
  • Former editorial intern at Pelican Publishing, editing nonfiction war profiles, contemporary memoirs, middle grade mysteries, and Southern literature while managing the slush pile
  • Multipublished short fiction author
  • Nearly fluent in Spanish
  • Over a decade of experience in human resources
  • Adept at finding talented and wonderful humans to join her team
  • Has a Calvin and Hobbes quote for every situation
  • Website copyediting and data quality assurance maven
  • Dedicated writing coach
Natasha Hanova

Natasha Hanova

Developmental Editor

  • Experienced developmental editor, working on fiction manuscripts from young adult to adult across a variety of genres
  • Known for thorough content and structural edits that cover every aspect of novel writing
  • Her standard editorial letter combined with in-depth suggestions throughout every page of a manuscript go beyond the usual high-level feedback and have been called mini workshops on the craft of writing
  • Current sensitivity reader for Harlequin, HarperCollins, and Capstone Publishing
  • Former prose editor for Kansas City Voices Magazine
  • Die-hard Whovian whose favorite quote is “You want weapons? We’re in a library! Books! The best weapons in the world!” — the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)
  • Dubbed the Plot Whisperer at a recent conference
  • Award-winning author represented by Veronica Park at Fuse Literary
Rita Ray

Rita Ray


  • Current chief word nerd/editor at Proof It, working with individuals and small businesses to tell their stories
  • A decade of office experience; always the go-to person for proofreading and writing a wide variety of projects
  • Managed the ropes of publishing a regional boating magazine for nearly two years
  • Plays on a local Ultimate Frisbee team—and sometimes even catches the disc
  • As a child, loved Wishbone because “you can’t go wrong with a show about books featuring a ‘little dog with a big imagination’”
  • Never owned pets but will love on any dog or cat within petting distance
Karou 2


Chief Snacks Officer

  • Grammar blogger at Karou’s Korner
  • Unanimously voted cutest team member for eternity
  • Morale booster extraordinaire

Want to see our work firsthand?

Check out our work in action before you pay a dime. Try a free sample edit to see if we’re a good fit for you, your voice, and your goals.

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