What our clients say

Our clients seem to like us a lot. And we like them, too. Look how strong their writing is! We’re lucky to partner with such literary rock stars.

Testimonials - Janet Hagan Wallace

Janet Hagan Wallace

Testimonials - Adrienne Woods

Adrienne Woods

“Jessie at RUFF!: I fell in love with the love you have for your work. It shows in every manuscript you work on. I’ve learned so much as a writer from your guidance. Thank you for giving my books the wings they need to soar.”

Testimonials - Mark Steinwachs Color

Mark Steinwachs

“Jessie from RUFF! is great to work with. She is not afraid to tell it like it is, but she also always takes my style and voice into account. I write lean and mean, and she streamlines my starkness so the final edited short story is a crazy punch.”

Testimonials - Kristin Ping

Kristin Ping

“For Jessie at RUFF!: I waited three years for you, and now I can’t imagine writing novels without you. Your gift for words, your placement of them, and your passion shows every single time when I get your edits back.I sometimes can’t believe it’s the same story; you just perfect everything.”

Latest books

Books-Darkbeam Part I By Adrienne Woods
Darkbeam Part I
By Adrienne Woods
See it on Amazon
Books-Immortal - By Kristin Ping
By Kristin Ping
See it on AmazonBooks-From a Jack to a King - Isabella White
From a Jack to a King
By Isabella White
See it on Amazon
Books-It Had to Be You - Melissa Kate
It Had to Be You
By Melissa Kate
See it on Fire Quill
Books-Dream Casters-Shadow - Adrienne Woods
Dream Casters: Shadow
By Adrienne Woods
See it on AmazonBooks-The Curse - Kristin Ping
The Curse
By Kristin Ping
See it on Amazon

Latest stories

“Hell” by Mark Steinwachs
at Pen of the Damned

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“Blood” by Mark Steinwachs
at The Sirens Call

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“Dirt” by Mark Steinwachs
at Pen of the Damned

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